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The Basics of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can solve a wide range of cosmetic issues that might be keeping your from achieving your ideal smile. Keep reading to learn the basics of dental crowns to find out if they are the right option for your needs:

The Basics of Dental Crowns Chestnut Hill

Dental Crown Uses
Dentists can use crowns for a variety of purposes. They might be placed on a tooth with bad decay to keep it from breaking or cracking. Crowns can also be used for restoration purposes when teeth are already broken or cracked. A dentist can place a crown directly over a large filling to improve the aesthetic appeal of the tooth. They can also keep dental bridges in their proper place or to cover up areas with discoloration or other aesthetic issues.

Dental Crown Preparation
Before a dentist can place a dental crown , he or she must first prepare the tooth. Most patients must visit the dental office twice to complete the entire preparation process. The dentist starts off by examining the tooth and taking an X-ray to get a better look at the root and the bone. If the dentist sees any signs of decay, he or she might first perform a root canal before moving on to the crown procedure.

Dental Crown Placement
When the dentist is ready to make the dental crown in Newton, he or she will first numb the area and then file down the tooth along the top and the sides. This creates enough room for the dental crown. Once the tooth is properly shaped, the dentist can use some plaster or some putty to create an impression of the tooth that will be used to make the crown. The dentist can place a temporary crown to protect the tooth until the permanent one is complete. Until you get the permanent crown, you should stay away from sticky foods and try to chew mostly on the other side of your mouth. Once you have the permanent crown, though, you can return to your normal habits.

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