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Reasons to Choose a Dentist That Offers One-Visit Crowns

Crowns—sometimes called caps—are used for cosmetic dentistry in Newton as well as to add strength to teeth weakened by root canals. In the past, crowns were inconvenient for patients because they required multiple dentist visits, but now, you can avoid the hassle and get your crowns in a single appointment. Choosing a dentist that offers one-visit crowns , like The Dental Office of Chestnut Hill, means you can get the dental care you need in a fraction of the time.

With one-visit crowns, you dentist can create a crown that matches the size and shape of your natural teeth exactly using special computer-assisted design services, or CAD. With this software, your crown is created in-office and bonded to the tooth or teeth being treated all in one appointment. That means you don’t have to wear an awkward-looking temporary crown or clear room in your schedule for one more appointment. It also means you can walk out of the dental visit with a smile you feel confident in showing off. One-visit crowns have revolutionized both general dentistry and cosmetic treatments and made maintaining their smile one step easier for patients.

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