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  • Are You Flossing the Right Way?

    To reduce your risk of cavities and gum disease near Newton, you should remember to floss each side of each tooth at least once per day. Doing so can help you maintain your beautiful, white teeth after receiving cosmetic dentistry treatments like teeth whitening. You can watch this video to check whether you’re flossing your teeth and dental implants the right way.

    This dentist explains how you should gently maneuver the floss until it’s under the gum line, and then wrap it around the side of a tooth. He recommends moving the floss up and down gently to remove plaque and debris before wrapping the floss around the adjacent tooth. This dentist also explains one common mistake people make when flossing that may harm the gums.

  • How to Keep Your Braces Clean

    Cosmetic dentistry experts frequently recommend clear braces near Newton. Clear braces are removable plastic aligners that are easy to keep clean and can help you prevent cavities while straightening your smile . Your cosmetic dentist will provide cleaning instructions, which may involve soaking the aligners in a denture cleanser twice per day. While your aligners are soaking, brush and floss your teeth thoroughly.

    Watch this video for more helpful tips on keeping your braces clean. This video explains how a person with non-removable braces can use special tools such as a floss threader and an interproximal brush to remove plaque from between the teeth and underneath the gum line. Remember to only use a soft-bristled toothbrush and to use gentle strokes to clean your teeth and braces.

  • A Look at Composite Fillings

    Many people prefer the look of composite fillings for cavities on visible teeth. These fillings are made from plastic resin and a filler of finely ground glass-like material to give you a filling that matches your natural tooth. Your dentist in Newton will use this kind of filling to give you the best cosmetic results.

    Most patients prefer composite fillings because they are made to match the color of the teeth and to blend in with the enamel. Talk to your dentist about composite fillings the next time you have a cavity.

    Check out this video for more information. With regular dental visits and a good oral hygiene routine, you can decrease the amount of cavities with which you have to deal.